Levi Forte Fundraiser

Levi Forte was nicknamed “the Battlin’ Bellman” because he was a boxer who for 53 years worked at the Fountainbleau. He was the first African-American hired as a Bellhop at the hotel. He was a colorful figure who had many stories about the celebrities he encountered at the Fountainbleau. In his younger day,  Forte trained with Muhammed Ali, and lost a close decision to George Foreman. Legend has it that he suggested the “rope-a-dope” strategy that Ali used to wear Foreman down before knocking him out in their historic fight.    Forte passed away this spring. His widow and wife of over 50 years Margia Forte wants to raise about $2,000 to return his remains to his native Alabama. She promised before he died that she would honor that as his final wish. She says his savings were wiped out as he treated his terminal illness. 

Neighbors 4 Neighbors is working to help raise this money to help send this Miami Icon to is final resting place. 

An event was held on Dec. 8th, but you can still support this campaign a the link below.