COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund

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Since 1992 Neighbors 4 Neighbors has been there in times of crisis large and small.  This time is no different.
We have established a fund to provide relief and recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.
Working with our community-based partners throughout South Florida we are developing resources, goods and services to assist our neighbors.
Things are accelerating and people are getting desperate through loss of income.  No one would ever have imagined the world we are living in now and the challenges we are facing. While much needed food distributions continue, our neighbors need help with More Than Hunger. When you support our Covid 19 Relief and Recovery Fund, we are able to financially assist our non-profit partners, with money and gift cards to allow those struggling get the essential items they need during this unprecedented time. 
Our partners Farm Share, S.T.E.P.S in the Right Direction and others are holding food distributions throughout Miami Dade, Broward and the Keys. 

We are honored to share with you some of the things we and our partners have been able to achieve so far with your help.  Since we began our Covid 19 Relief & Recovery Fund we’ve raised over $68,000, and have been are disbursing that money to organizations providing food distributions. We've also purchased gift cards so families can get essential items not included at the distributions.  Those who have received funds include, Farm Share, Steps in the Right Direction, Branches, Miami-Dade County Schools, Children’s Service Council and Connect Familias and more.  Additionally, we’ve connected nearly $558,179 in additional food and goods, like masks and more to even more partners.  

Totaling $626,000 in Covid Relief so far! 

Since March 1st, Farm Share has distributed 50,000 pounds of food, or more than 50,000,000 meals, throughout Florida. This is over 2.1 million pounds of food weekly.

They facilitated more than 4,347 pick up or food deliveries to Farm Share’s partner agencies located from Key West to Pensacola.
On top of 100's of community food distribution events, we've also been able to assist with home delivery of meals to the elderly and those home bound as well as catered meals, through our partners at STEPS in the Right Direction and Catering the Event.  
Your support means so much to us and I wanted to share some of the success we’ve had over the past few months.

We are carefully identifying those organizations who are working with the most vulnerable and where we can make the biggest impact. 

Your support will help fund these distributions throughout this crisis. You can see below a list of distributions separated by county:
If you have a distribution that is free and open to the public that you would like to share, please email us at [email protected]  so we can add it to the list.  Send us the date, times (example 9am to 1pm), address and location name in your email. 

Food Distribution Locations

Below are lists, by county, of Food Distributions (keep scrolling to see full list)

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