Our Team

Our Board of Directors
  • Michael Goodman Chair / Goodman Public Relations, President
  • Ronald Book P.A. VICE Chair / RONALD BOOK & ASSOCIATES
  • Russel Lazega SECRETARY / Esq., Florida Advocates, Private Law Firm
  • Cynthia Demos Spokesperson & CEO/Owner, Cynthia Demos Communications
  • Ian Welsch Treasurer / Founder and CEO, The Motivational Edge
  • Justin Nepola Partner of Nepola Yonta Attorneys at Law
Our Staff
  • Katy Meagher TV PRODUCER & NEW MEDIA
  • Keni Garcia Executive Assistant
  • Kevin Amézaga Web Coordinator
Volunteer Neighbors 4 Neighbors strives to connect those in
need with those who can the help.
We encourage people of all ages to get involved in
the community by volunteering their time.
This is a unique chance to make a contribution that
can change somebody’s life – even yours!
Cnnecting those in need with those
who can help today!