About Us

Neighbors 4 Neighbors is a nationally recognized nonprofit, created in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  The simple mission is to connect those in need with those who can help.   Using a combination of resource development, collaboration with service providers and the power of media, we empower our neighbors to use the talents, time and money they have to help others.  In 2017, Neighbors 4 Neighbors developed and delivered $900,000 in resources and donated goods to our neighbors in need, and nonprofit partners.


Helping Feels Good uses technology to create human connections across the South Florida community. Our website is a venue to share stories, inspire action and ultimately create change for our neighbors in need. Our vision is to empower every person in South Florida with the knowledge that they have something of value to share with a neighbor in need


“I want to tell you thank you for helping me get a Big Brother, Jeff, through Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami. Now I have my own brother all to myself. He has made a big difference in my life cause we have good times and lots of fun together. Thank you Neighbors4Neighbors!” – Tyi I. 

“I’m having problems trying to find the words to express what you and your staff has given me and my grandchildren, mainly Tyi. There’re no words or cards in this world to tell you of the glow in my heart every time that Jeff, Tai’s Big Brother, calls or comes for my grandson." – Gertrude I.
“Thank you for all your help in getting my daughter’s problem solved.  Carolina is now thriving. Thank you again for all that you did and I hope to stay in touch with good news.” – The Varona Family 
“Words can’t express the love we feel for you.  Taking a chance on people you didn’t know.  You guys rock and we will forever call you all friends!” – George, Devon, Tara, D’Andre and Jamilla

Originally created in 1992 in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew by WFOR-TV, CBS4, the relief effort "Rebuilding:Neighbors Helping Neighbors," consisted of a 15-line phone bank, staffed 18 hours daily with volunteers and station personnel. News reporters and anchors broadcasting live from the phone bank would tell viewers to call the phone bank if they were storm victims or if they simply wanted to help. Special reports profiling affected families and volunteer efforts also served to motivate viewers into action. The response was overwhelming and the phone bank quickly became a tool in assisting those in crisis. As South Florida recovered, CBS4 management opted to continue Neighbors as part of its community service program. Neighbors became an important resource for all individuals and families facing every-day crises. With the power of television as one of its greatest assets, Neighbors 4 Neighbors quickly expanded its services beyond hurricane relief and evolved into one of the most effective vehicles for connecting those in need with those who can help, forging a strong relationship with community and business leaders willing to tackle difficult issues.
Research of local television viewers proves, year after year, that Neighbors 4 Neighbors is the most identifiable public service campaign in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market. South Florida viewers know Neighbors 4 Neighbors, consider it important, and respond to it in a remarkable way. Here is a sampling of what Neighbors 4 Neighbors has done during the past twenty years:
With a staff of dedicated professionals and scores of volunteers, Neighbors 4 Neighbors can launch an immediate and effective community response to any emergency. Born from a natural disaster, Neighbors 4 Neighbors and CBS4-myTV33’s supportive South Florida viewers have come to the aid of victims of every major hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, accident, terrorist attack, and other major crisis where help was needed–at home, in the U.S. or abroad. Working in partnership with CBS4 and myTV33 News, Neighbors 4 Neighbors also organizes a number of campaigns dealing with the issues that dominate local headlines.

Our Team

Our Board of Directors
  • Ronald Book P.A. VICE Chair / RONALD BOOK & ASSOCIATES
  • Russel Lazega SECRETARY / Esq., Florida Advocates, Private Law Firm
  • Cynthia Demos Spokesperson & CEO/Owner, Cynthia Demos Communications
  • Ian Welsch Treasurer / Founder and CEO, The Motivational Edge
  • Justin Nepola Chairman / Partner of Nepola Yonta Attorneys at Law
  • Carlos Cabrera Esq., Florida Advocates, Private Law Firm
  • Ashley Owen Morning Show Host, 104.3 The Shark
  • Carlos Flores Lead Assoc. Operations, Chase Bank
  • Natalia Sol CEO, Sol Strategy Partners
  • Pedro Curbelo Risk Manager/Int'l Broker, Insurance Writers of America
Our Staff
  • Katy Meagher Deputy Executive Director
  • Keni Garcia Executive Assistant
  • Kevin AmĂ©zaga IT/Media Specialist
Volunteer Neighbors 4 Neighbors strives to connect those in
need with those who can the help.
We encourage people of all ages to get involved in
the community by volunteering their time.
This is a unique chance to make a contribution that
can change somebody’s life – even yours!
Cnnecting those in need with those
who can help today!