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Neighbors 4 Neighbors is committed to connecting you and your family to Mental Wellness resources and we teaming up with Bringing the Globe for Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment.

This innovative program uses an online platform to answer issues and challenges in society by providing ongoing tools and information to empower parents and teens and to stop online cyberbullying and harassment.



TEENS: “What to do/what not to do on Social Media”

Teens To Do’s:

  1. Limit the contact information in your profile and posts
  2. Change your privacy settings.
    • Most social media networks provide users with the option to change their privacy settings and manage the way their information is seen
  3. Location Settings and Services: 
    • Avoid using location services like Foursquare and disable location services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. when posting photos. It’s cool, sure… but it’s not necessary and the risk is greater than the reward.
    • Social media networks are designed to broadcast your actual location, either as part of your profile or as an update available to authorized contacts only. When you check in to a local business or attend a local event, you are sharing your current location with other people.

Teens To Don’ts:

  1. Don't assume deleting your post or comments is gone forever…
  • Ghosts on Social Media – What is posted online has the potential to stay online forever, even if you try to delete it.
  • And for those applying for employment, most recruiters now include looking into the applicant’s social media profiles when doing a background check.
  1. Don’t share everything about yourself.
    • Giving out these details make it very easy for cybercriminals to guess your other important information, such as your work email, to launch targeted phishing or online scams that seem credible.

      PARENTS: “What to do/what not to do on Social Media”

      Parent To Do’s:

      1. Covenant Eyes | Parental Internet Filtering and Accountability
        • Unlike the history in your browser that can be deleted, Covenant Eyes keeps track of all user activity within the subscriber’s account.  It teaches safe browsing habits.  Just knowing that an extra set of eyes will see the search history on a daily or weekly basis helps keep family and friends responsible when surfing the internet, including Google.
      2. Parental Control Software Qustodio Parental Controls 
        • for Windows | Mac | Chromebook | Android | iPhone/iPad | Kindle
      3. Delete accounts that you don’t need.
        • You might not be aware of it, but social media apps can theoretically access information and data on your device.
          • If you find yourself not using a social media account, it would be better to shut down your account and delete the application from your devices to cut off any chances of inadvertent data sharing.

      Parent To Don’ts:

      1. Don’t share everything about yourself.
        • Giving out these details make it very easy for cybercriminals to guess your other important information, such as your work email, to launch targeted phishing or online scams that seem credible.
      2. Don’t use your social media profile to log into other websites.
        • sharing your data across different platforms is very dangerous because you’re pooling all of your data in one location. Once any of these platforms is breached, then all of the accounts associated with your Facebook profile will also be compromised.

      TEENS: Reference Site and Excerpts

      A Teens Guide to Social Media Safety

        1. In a nutshell, keep your social profile strictly private… the best settings are where only friends can see what you post because you never really know who your friends are friends with online, so the “Friends of Friends” setting can leave you exposed and vulnerable.
      1. Think Before You Post!
        1. it’s important to think first before you post what you are thinking or feeling. Even though you can delete something (a post, picture, comment, etc.) you can never permanently erase something that has been published on the internet.
      • Social Media Manners – How social media users should one behave while connecting with others on social media.
      • To Post or Not to Post – This is the question that needs to be answered every time you are about to post a comment or picture online.
      • Privacy Settings – Every social media platform has privacy settings. Knowing the “why” behind privacy settings applies for all of them.
      • What Would the ‘Future You’ Post Online? – What you post now may follow you for the rest of your life.
      • Can Social Media Make You Sad? – Being on social media can be harmful to your mental health if you don’t learn to manage it.
      • Ghosts on Social Media – What is posted online has the potential to stay online forever, even if you try to delete it.
      Link to Reference: HERE

      PARENTS: Reference Site and Excerpts

      Parent Guide to Protecting Teens on Social Media

      If your teen is using social media… that is a good reason why you should be too.
        1. Parent Control Software
          • That being said, there is a way to keep tabs on your kid’s social media use without ever going online. Through parental control software, parents can monitor and restrict the use of social media apps.
        • Parental Control Software Custodial Parental Controls for Windows | Mac | Chromebook | Android | iPhone/iPad | Kindle
        • SentryPC Practical privacy. - It offers monitoring, filtering and control of desktops and laptops at home, in schools and even at work for employees.
      1. Open communication
        • During the difficult teenage years, your child will want to test boundaries. They will want to do and say things that you would not approve of. This is basic human nature. It’s important that you understand and respect this, while letting them know they can talk to you about anything.
      2. Establish boundaries
        • Boundaries, rules, and guidelines can be applied to behaviors that are allowed on social media… as well as the amount of time allowed to spend on social media
      3. Stay informed of the threats.
        • Even parents can make mistakes on social media!!! Did you know that you should never brag about an upcoming vacation, and when you take a vacation, you should wait until you return home to post pictures?

      Link to Reference: HERE

      Additional Resources: Family Guide to Online Safety and Security at Home 

      Neighbors 4 Neighbors is committed to connecting you and your family to Mental Wellness resources and we’ve partnered with Bringing the Globe for the program, Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment.
      We're dedicated to making the digital world safer for students, parents, and educators. Here’s how you can get involved and make a difference.

      About Bringing the Globe

      Bringing the Globe is an education-technology platform that provides online programs and resources to parents and teens in the areas of leadership development, cultural exchange, and advocacy.
      Learn More about Bringing the Globe
      Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment programs provide a cross-sector approach that leverages expertise from law enforcement, cybersecurity, education, and mental health to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital world safely.
       Cairo Eubanks, the visionary behind Bringing the Globe and its CEO, online serial harassment. In 2021, she launched Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment, an innovative online conference to address cyberbullying and online threats.
      Over 2,000 parents and teens impacted through Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment programming
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      Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment Programs

      In-School Presentations

      Operation: STOP’s engaging, in-person school presentations are tailored to students aged 13-18 and designed to actively involve them. Alongside community outreach, these presentations promote the program’s 4-week Digital Citizen Bootcamp Training and virtual conference, Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment.

      Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

      We’ve partnered together to use media as a method to spread awareness of online dangers and promote internet safety within families.

      PSAs Webinars

      “I Am A Digital Citizen” PSA Series
      Premiering on CBS4, this PSA Series consists of community members and IT professionals alike sharing tips on how they stay safe online.

      Empowering Digital Citizenship Webinar 

      Empowering Digital Citizenship was produced by N4N in partnership with Bringing the Globe. Filmed as the Youth Concurrent Panel at the Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo, this webinar features cross-sector experts all addressing cyberbullying and mental health awareness. This webinar equips parents with insights and solutions to combat digital challenges and protect teens from online dangers.

      Digital Citizen Bootcamp Training

      In line with our “I Am A Digital Citizen” PSA Series, the 4-Week live and virtual Digital Citizen Bootcamp Training is more than education; it's empowerment. Students are provided tools for self-awareness, proactive online measures, and addressing social media's impact on mental health. Consequences are emphasized, positive online conduct is promoted, and active participation earns community service hours.

      Annual Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment Conference

      The annual Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment conference brings together professionals from fields such as mental health, cybersecurity/IT, academia, law enforcement, and community development, all committed to providing parents and teenagers with essential tools to counteract online bullying and harassment. 

      Our Partnership Provides CyberSafety to the Community

      Our partnership with Bringing the Globe provides Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment programs at no cost to students because we believe that money should not be a hindrance to gaining valuable tools and resources to keep themselves and others safe online.

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