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Our Family Fund provides emergency food, clothing, and shelter to families in crisis. Often it is a fire, or unexpected event such as an accident or illness that exhausts a family’s resources. It may be a wheelchair for a recently handicapped teen, or linens for a family moving from homelessness to permanent housing. Thanks to generous donations from the public, Neighbors 4 Neighbors is able to meet the need through our Family Fund.
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Neighbors 4 Neighbors works every day to connect our Neighbors in need with resources like these and more. Here are a few examples of some of these connections happening all year long.

Neighbors in Action | Veteran's Roof

A WWII Veteran Leo McLarney fought in Pearl Harbor and at the Battle of Guadalcanal was in need of new roof. Sadly, his income was limited but with the help of Neighbors 4 Neighbors and our partners at CBS 4, we were able to connect him to local contractors who stepped up and repaired his roof.

Here’s more from our partners at CBS 4:

Neighbors in Action | The Mitchell Family

After a freak fire ravaged their home, Neighbors 4 Neighbors was able to help the Mitchell Family get back on their feet, by raising much needed money from the community. This amazing family runs an Afterschool Kick ball program and never missed a beat even after the fire left them without a place to live.

Here’s more from our partners at CBS 4:

Neighbors in Action | The McCray Family

After her partner was killed, the McCray’s found themselves homeless. For nearly a year, Care in Action, a local non-profit, helped this family by getting them off the streets and into a hotel. With the help of our partners, an anonymous donor bought the family a mobile home, the charity Care In Action got the home in shape, City Furniture donated furniture and viewers contributed $5,000 to help pay for hotel bills, the property release down payment and more.

Here’s more from our partners at CBS 4:

Neighbors in Action | Helping Furloughed Workers

After the government shutdown was extended, we knew many government workers we having a rough time making ends meet. Neighbors 4 Neighbors worked with our partners at Farm Share to provide a special food distribution to these hard-working Neighbors.

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