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Neighbors 4 Neighbors is teaming with Tri-Rail, and we want YOU to Respect the Rails!

According to the US Dept of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration, 94% of all rail-related fatalities and injuries occur at railroad crossings or due to trespassing. Sadly, almost all of these deaths and injuries are preventable.

Trespassing along railroad rights-of-way is the leading cause of rail-related deaths in America. Nationally, more than 400 trespass fatalities occur each year, the vast majority of which are preventable.

Railroad crossing incidents are the second leading cause of rail-related deaths in America. That’s why Neighbors 4 Neighbors is partnering with Tri-Rail to raise awareness about safe practices around railroad crossings and train tracks.

Keeping you safe near train tracks, simple when you know the facts.

Here are a few safety reminders and facts for you to know:

  • It can take a mile or more for a train to stop. Which means they can’t slow down or stop to avoid a person, car or bike that is in their path.
  • Trains overhang the tracks by at least three feet in both directions – so if you are in the right-of-way next to the track, you can be hit by the train.
  • Do not cross the tracks immediately after a train passes, a second train could be on the way.
  • Flashing red lights indicate a train is approaching, do not cross the tracks until the lights have stop flashing and it’s safe to do so.
  • Do not attempt to drive around a crossing gate.
  • Selfie and photo shoots on train tracks are illegal and can have deadly consequences.
Visit Tri-Rail’s website for more helpful information about rail safety:
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Here is some more helpful info from the Federal Railroad Administration
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