Ukraine Relief Fund


In Partnership with

Tim Lambrecht (Firefighter)

Neighbors 4 Neighbors is reaching across the globe to assist our Neighbors from Ukraine during this critical time.

Children of Ukraine are not allowed to leave & they can’t be adopted!!

Through funds collected, we do the following:

  • Help Orphanages in Ukraine
    • The Orphanages are overwhelmed. We are helping with critical renovations (bathrooms, kitchens etc..), safe transportation and providing clothing and toys.
  • Ship/Deliver used Fire Fighter Gear
    • Fire fighters in Ukraine DESPERATELY need gear.
    • Many fire departments in the US are donating their used equipment, but we need donations to deliver this gear into Ukraine.

About Tim Lambrecht:

Tim has been an American Volunteer Fire Fighter for over 7 years. In the summer of 2022, he felt the need to go and help Ukrainians.  He lived in Ukraine for 3 months helping hospitals, but also discovered many orphanages that desperately needed help.  Tim has close, trustworthy contacts throughout Ukraine that he communicates with on a regular basis.  He has gathered resources to help the Orphans of Ukraine, as well as, the Fire fighters and hospitals.  Together, we can continue to help them during this difficult time.

As the war continues, we are still working to support in more ways, and will update this page as we add services.

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